Wilani van Wyk-Smit

Creative Director

Having worked in advertising companies and design studios since her Uni days, Wilani has experienced the design world from several different perspectives.

For her there’s nothing quite so rewarding as the finished product which emerges after working closely with a client.

“I love having clients that are excited about working with me and taking their ideas further than they ever imagined."

Wilani’s creative passions extend from the digital world to drawing, painting, writing and beyond. When she's not busy making something, she loves hiking in new places and cycling in the bush.

LIKES: bright eyes, enlightened minds and all things purple.

WISHES: to change the world with conscious design.


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Rocco Smit

Digital Strategist, Web Developer

Rocco has a unique talent for methodical thinking and juggling numerous projects.

He has a serious commitment towards using best practices, and a healthy fixation on clean-cut code. Rocco is a superb organiser and always manages to stay on top of his game while keeping a watchful eye on emerging trends.

“I love pushing boundaries to make things work in new ways.”

Outside the studio you will often find him on his mountain bike flying down a single track, sometimes covered from head to toe in mud.

LIKES: the balance of nature and more efficient technologies.

WISHES: for open web collaboration and more riding time.


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